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Odiko-69 Ltd. employs highly qualified specialists and carries out consultations in the following directions:
1.     Management Systems
2.   Psychological and Sociological Consultations and Survey
•    Psychological survey
•    Sociological research
•    Assessment of individual stress level and psycho-physiological state
•    Tests on the psychological climate, teamability and collaboration within managing structures
•    Personal diagnostics
•    Conflict solving
3.   Company management and human resource management
•    project development and management
•    development of organizational structures
•    development of job descriptions
•    diagnostics of the financial status of firms
•    credit intermeditation
•    marketing research
•    methodics for business-plan development
•    methodics for development of social-economic programmes, mission and image of firms
•    strategic development of firms
•    human resources management
•    staff management systems
•    assessment of labor performance and remuneration
•    motivation techniques for optimal performance
4.   Marketing surveys and innovations
•    planning and implementation of the surveys
•    product and process innovations
•    intellectual property
•    harmonisation with EU legislation- requirements and application
•    good production practices from EU
5.   Implementation of instruction and training courses
•    instruction and training in management for the executive staff and experts
•    training in occupational safety and health
•    training and qualification for executive staff
•    training on adaptation -and -anti-stress programmes
•    project development and implementation
•    courses in firm culture and ethics
•    practice-based case solving
•    tests, simulations, situational games

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