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    In conjunction with meeting the government policy requirements towards energy efficiency promotion, Energy and Energy Efficiency Act, and the legal framework concerning this, a number of programmes and activities for energy efficiency promotion must be implemented.

    All buildings, whether they are state-owned or municipality-owned, with total useful area over 1000sqm are liable to compulsory survey and certification (Article 16 from Energy Efficiency Act) and/or energy consumers- producers of goods and services whose buildings and structures have annual energy consumption equal or exceeding 3000 MWh (Article 17).

    The energy efficiency survey aims at defining and evaluating a number of potential opportunities to lower power costs and at proposing relevant energy-saving measures. The certification is designed for evaluation and verification of the correspondence between the actual state of the building and the legislative requirements for energy efficiency.

    The certification is executed on new buildings, buildings under repair, buildings subject to modernization. Provided the building meets all the necessary requirements a certificate is issued within six months after the initial operation of the building.

    Together with the opportunities to lower power costs dependent on the type of the certificate issued, this provides a construction tax exemption in force for the period of 10 or 5 years, in accordance with the Local Taxes and Charges Act (Article 24, par.1).

    We offer a complex execution of the activities encompassing survey, certification, sanitation, (heat insulation, window installation and replacement, modernization of heating and air-conditioning installations, etc.). To this end we in association with a number of leading companies within the same line of business formed a consortium.

    All willing to apply for energy efficiency survey and to obtain a certification can receive credits with preferential interest rates and 20 % from the credit amount is reimbursed by pre-accession funds.

    Odiko-69 Ltd. is licensed by the Energy Efficiency Agency,
Certificate 15/12.08.2005
and Certificate 17/25.08.2005 in survey and energy efficiency certification of buildings.

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