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    Our medical centre provides outpatient day care and services. It is located in the city of Plovdiv, 107 Hr. Botev Blvd. Our center comprises a group practice of highly qualified and competent specialists using advanced technology and modern medical equipment. We provide individual and compassionate treatment. Our patients are consulted and treated in comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

    The center provides medical treatment in cardiology, neurology, psychotherapy, ophthalmology, nephrology, otorinolaringology, obstetrics and gynecology, rheumatology and endocrinology. Mobile teams of specialists employed by the assignor provide regular preventive checkups.


List of the specialists practicing in the medical center:
Dr Kamen Momchilov Yamakov Obstetrician, Center Manager
Dr Anna Stefanova Paskaleva Neurologist
Dr Peter Panayotov Dimitrov- Neurologist
Dr Todor Staykov Stoev Neurologist
Dr Liliana Ivanova Popova- Abdominal Diseases, Nephrologist
Dr Stoyka Andonova Rokova- Abdominal Diseases, Nephrologist
Dr Gergana Dimitrova Popova Ophthalmologist
Dr Stanimir Hristov Boychev Obstetrician
Dr Lyubka Dragomirova Alexandrova Otorinolaringologist
Dr Kamelia Stoyanova Akabalieva Abdominal Diseases, Cardiologist
Dr Denislav Tanev Todorov Abdominal Diseases, Cardiologist
Dr Atanaska Nikolova Yamakova- Infant Diseases, Pediatrician
Dr Kostadin Petkov Kazakov Rentgenologist
Dr Ivanka Tinkova Kostova Abdominal Diseases, Endocrinologist
    Medical Center Lechitel has entered into a contract with The Regional Health Insurance Fund. Consequently, patients who receive medical forms filled out and signed by the respective GPs will be treated free of charge.
We have also entered into contracts for caring out of medico-diagnostic laboratory testing services with a Clinical Laboratory and of highly specialized medical treatment (X-ray scanner, NMR).

All specialists have regular working hours.

Contact tel.: 032 625247 for relevant information on the schedules of the specialists and for making appointments.
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