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The Occupational Medicine Center (OMC) at Odiko-69Ltd was registered in 1990 with Certificate 047 by the Ministry of Health.

In 2004 a preregistration was made with a view to establishment of OMC offices throughout the country.

Specialists (majored in Occupational Medicine), engineers, physicists, and psychologists are employed by the OMC.
Principal Activities carried out by the OMC:
. Assessment of health risks and safety at workplace
Arrangement of workplace factors measurement
Assessment of employees health risk and safety
Risk assessment update (if required)
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•  Development of activities necessitated by the risk assessment with a view to risk reduction and limitation
Assistance on implementation of risk prevention programme based on the recommended activities

. Observation and Analysis of the Employees Health State
Implementation of analyses of the illnesses causing temporary incapacity for work, analyses of occupational diseases and traumas.
Implementation of recommended activities on the basis of the analyses towards reduction of temporary incapacity for work.
Lists of the necessary provisional and periodic medical examinations in accordance with Ordinance No 3/1987 depending on the nature of the activity conducted and working conditions.
Organization and conducting of the periodic examinations and diagnostic tests
Development of electronic health records.
Medical conclusions on the employees state of health with a view to practise their jobs.

. Training on the issues of occupational safety and health.
Training and instruction of Working Conditions Committee on the occupational safety and health legal framework.
Training and instruction of Working Conditions Committee and managing experts on the administration of first aid and emergency skills

V. Advising and consultation of staff on the issues of occupational safety and health
Advising and consultation of the staff on the health hazards at workplace.
Individual advising on the basis of the results from the prophylactic examinations and the state of health.
Individual advising and consultation of the staff on the occupational risks of potential or emergent damage

V. Consultation on the issues of occupational safety and health.
Advising and consultation on the legislative requirements for occupational safety and health and the present alterations.
Recommendation and consultation on the application of the prevailing legislation on the provision of safe and healthful working conditions.
Methodic assistance and consultations for the executive personnel and experts in the preparation of internal documentation concerning occupational safety and health issues.
Methodic assistance and consultations on the investigation of occupational injuries and incidents.
Consultation on requests for occupational diseases registration and labour readjustment.
Provision of assistance to the executive staff in labor readjustment for employees until 30 January of the current year.
Development of individual physiologic work/rest regimen in accordance with Ordinance No 15/1999.
In their practice the occupational health specialists utilize the latest electronic health record software, health analysis software and risk assessment software. There is a developed and implemented system for occupational risk monitoring.
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